Just to be clear and transparent. I am one man running and operating this store. I absolutely can not compete with Amazon's shipping time. I try to get most orders out within 7 days. There are times when I have a sale or a popular item is released that will make the shipping time a little longer. If this is not something you are willing to prepare for then please, do not make an order. If you are more worried about receiving an item that is not damaged and dealing with someone that will do whatever I can to make you happy then please, place an order with us and I will take care of you. 

My number one complaint I receive from customers is the shipping times. I will not be able to improve this much at this time.


1.) Funko sends us notice that an item is available for ordering and a tentative date on when we can expect to have it shipped to us.

2.) We place order with Funko that same day.

3.) We place the item up on our website and Facebook page with a link to place Pre-Order. We charge at the time of purchase.

4.) We then have to wait until Funko gives us an exact date that they will ship to us. We are not given any notice again until Funko ships the items to us.

5.) We receive the items from Funko. It takes a day or two for us to process and pack up all of the orders. We then ship out to you and you receive an email stating that the item has shipped. We use 2-3 day shipping with either USPS or UPS. 

6.) If you have any problems with your order you can email me, Gabe, at gabe@gabescollectiblesla.com and I will get back to you ASAP. I want each and everyone of our customers to have a wonderful experience.



We are a small online store operated by my son and I. Most of the time we are not going to receive items at the exact same time as the bigger stores. It just makes sense for Funko to operate this way because these stores sell a large amount of their products. If you have to have an item immediately once it is released by Funko then we are probably not the store for your needs. 

Where we excel is that we are collectors like you. We aren't some teenage kid working at Target that doesn't care about your Funko Pops or whatever collectible it may be. They surely don't care about the box and the way that it is handled and put up on the shelf.

We take special care of any item that is ordered. We do our best to place items with boxes in great condition in the hands of everyone of our customers.